V-Taper Workout: How To Create The Perfect V-Taper

When you see a girl or guy who has broad shoulders coming down into the classic ‘V’ shape to the waist it instantly creates an impression of fitness and is also very sexy. From the average Joe to bodybuilders and everybody in between, the goal or dream is to create the ultimate lean V-taper.

Many individuals believe the obliques are referred to by the V, but there is more to it than that. The V shape accounts for the entire body that is above the waist. In order to create this v-taper it takes a lot more than just a cut mid section.

The lean tapered V look isn’t something that comes automatically, In order to achieve it take a lot of specific training. It may also vary from one individual to the next in terms of how hard it is to achieve it. Let’s look at what is needed to attain the V shape.

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Boulder Shoulder V-Taper

That means having a nicely rounded deltoid that has some visible definition. This V begins wide and then goes down so that the shoulder looks like two wide points that draw into the waist. It is necessary for your shoulders to look both wide and large which means you need to emphasize working on your middle deltoid through performing heavy shoulder presses and lateral raise exercises. This is important to achieve the V-taper look both from the front and back.

V-Taper Wide Back

It’s one thing to have the V-taper in the front, but it is really impressive when it is visible from all sides. Your lats have to be wide since they insert at your shoulders and start slightly above your waist. There are many back exercises that you can do to help get the wide back that you are looking for. Some of the best exercises are: wide grip pull downs, chin-ups, and pull-ups. Those three can help yo build a wide back. You may haven noticed that all three of them are vertical exercises. Lat exercises with a horizontal motion will grow thickness in your lats and include the barbell row, t-bar row, and the seated row.

Small Waist: V-Taper Abs

This involves a two part process of ab training and clean dieting. The most important thing that needs to be done to create a small waist is to reduce body fat via a healthy diet. I’m not going to lie and swear to you that low body fat can earn a V-taper, since there are some individuals who simply have wider waists and that can prevent them from being able to achieve the full V-taper. However, it is always a good thing to lose fat, so try to just think about the things you can do to help transform yourself and not on genetics.

After you have sorted out your diet, and your body fat is low enough to have visible obliques and abs for creating that Adonis belt, then building your core is essential. Weighted ab training should be used for building your core and strengthening it with planks as well as compound lifts such as the deadlift and squats. Build your obliques but not to the point that you create a blocky waist that distracts from your V-taper.


Didn’t you say upper body? Yes, although it is true that the V-taper solely applied to the upper body. However, you need to consider how your body will look if you don’t build you legs. The broad top half of your body is going to look strange if you don’t have thick legs for balancing your physique out. In order to provide your legs with mass, heavy leg movements should be performed, especially lunges, leg extensions, leg presses, and squats. Think of your body in the shape of an X, with your top half as a miniature V and your lower part as an upside down V. When you create the V-taper that is only half of your body, and what you really want to create is a balanced body instead.


Creating the V-taper is a process that will take time and a lot of effort. However, just think of how incredible your V will be the next time you go to the beach. Although it is a difficult goal to create the V-taper you can achieve it but following these tips and putting in the hard work.

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